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Episode 84: Something Stupid

"Careful with the whiplash," Ava growled at Sebastian as they sat opposite each other at a table in the University Library, Taro was on Basí left. Bas turned sheepishly away from the short but extremely curvy blond who was passing by.

"Youíre not even supposed to be sitting with me anyway, remember?" Sebastian threw back her earlier phone call; it had pissed him off all day. Taro was watching them like they were batting a tennis ball back and forth and decided to gather his books for a quick exit before one or the other hit a smash in his face. "Great friends Iíve got," Bas said watching him leave.

"He has the right idea;" Ava observed and began crossly flipping through her notebook though she had no clue what she was searching for.

Sebastian shook his head. "Iíve never even met your sainted mother and Iím, like, the forbidden or something, this is just stupid, are we back at square one again?"

"Oh, and gee Sebastian have you run off to tell Daddy about whatever this is that weíre doing? I donít think youíre exactly flying a banner over the mansion are you?" She was furious with just about everyone today, he happened to be sitting in front of her.

"Thatís- Thatís different, if things got more serious Iíd- besides at least you know about that, I just think I deserve to know the Juliet side of things," he said and she thought she saw his tan skin reddening. It was probably hives; he was probably allergic to serious.

"If things get more serious youíll dump me and you wonít look back," She frowned at him, he did appear offended. Her eyes raised to the ceiling. "You just donít know what itís like to not even know your father, I mean not the way you donít know yours, but not to know if maybe thatís where you got your nose or your laugh. My mom, she drummed little childhood lessons into my head all the time, like, um, look both ways before you cross the street and oh, by the way money is evil. Anyway, from what Iím told, the only thing Iím told, is that my father had a lot of money, a lot of evil and he loved it more than me."

Sebastian gnawed at his lower lip then gave her a cheeky smile. "Well, hey, if itís only something stupid like that thereís no problem then is there?"

Episode 85: You Remind Me

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