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Episode 85: You Remind Me

"I donít care- figure it out yourself;" Quentin snapped at one of his employees and then slammed his office door. He dropped into his chair, leaning back with his feet propped up on the desk, his eyes averted to the ceiling. He pressed speed dial and waited, the machine picked up. "Damn it! Justine, at least pick up, this is ridiculous..." he slowed his temper. "Iíll get take out tonight, your favorites; I love you, bye." He slammed down the receiver.

Suddenly a woman appeared in his doorway; she had long chocolate brown hair and the suit she wore looked exactly like one he had seen before. Her hands were waiting impatiently at her hips. "Look, Iím Michael Gable, you probably know the name, anyway my car is doing this sputtering thing-"

Quent swallowed hard, just put a blonde wig on her and shorter legs, he thought and make me fall stupidly in love with her on sight... he saw Justine everywhere. He walked over and did everything but physically push her back out where she came from. "Get an appointment like everyone else lady," he ordered and then slammed the door on her.

He ran a hand through his hair and sank back over to his chair, once again dialing the phone.

"Hello, Mrs. Marques? This is Quentin, your daughter is-" Before he could blurt out the words that he wasnít even sure he should be saying the phone was hung up in his ear.

He redialed. "Hello- hello? What the hell is wrong with you people?"

Episode 86: What Would You Do

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