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Episode 832: I Need You

He’d wandered around after the wedding that wasn’t, his mind still reeling even though it hadn’t happened. It probably would happen at some point though, Avalon would stand there, ready to marry someone else, and what would he do? What could he do?

All his wondering and wandering led him to the place it often had over the last few months – to Lucy’s door.

After her ex had shown up on Valentine’s Day and blasted her for not caring about their kid, they’d ended up talking about her decision to give up her baby and how she remained really torn up over it, and they’d been talking ever since, eventually about his story, too, his life on the street, his life as a famous musician and walking away.

It had felt good to have another person in his life to turn to in addition to Quent and Tansy, someone he could trust with his secrets, thought it was different than how it was with Quent and Tansy. Definitely different.

With Lucy… even though nothing had come of it, they’d barely touched beyond the occasional brief hug or hand squeeze, there was, every so often, an unspoken spark of something between them.

He wasn’t sure if it really had the potential to be more than a spark or if he even wanted it to really, given that Avalon still meant something to him.

He and Lucy talked of their exes, but not whatever feelings might still linger. He wasn’t sure if he should bring that to her, if it might hurt her or them – no, no, that, no, maybe there was a spark somewhere deep down, but there was probably a reason they’d mostly ignored it, because now wasn’t the time, now they were just the friend each other needed.

Or at least that’s all he’d thought they were until he knocked on the door, Lucy opened it and she hugged him so tight like she never wanted to let go.

Episode 833: Talk of The Town

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