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Episode 833: Talk of The Town

“Oh my gosh.” Lucy stepped back and gestured for him to come inside. Much to her relief he did so without objection, so at least her behavior hadn’t scared him off, not yet anyway.

“I’m sorry for that hug. It was a bit much and a bit sudden, I know, I swing the door open and proceed to pretty much maul you and cling to you in a way you probably haven’t had to deal with since your rock star days. I’m so sorry for invading your space like that without any kind of invitation.”

“It’s okay,” he said as they moved into the living room. He didn’t look okay though, at best he looked confused.

Lucy couldn’t blame him for the confusion, throwing herself into his arms, that wasn’t their relationship, they weren’t romantic – well, there had been moments here and there, but they’d always backed way off. If they’d wanted something to happen, it might have. She did like him, she did find him attractive, she didn’t think she was in the right place for that though, for anything with complicated feelings, she had enough complicated feelings involving her daughter.

He must have felt similarly since he hadn’t acted on any of the momentary sparks they’d shared either. And now she’d gone and confused their situation by hugging him in such a desperate way.

“I really-” she began again. “That would have happened if you were a salesman at my door or whoever. I just… I needed to hug someone. I just had some bad news in a bad way, so… yeah, like I said I needed a hug and you were the nearest person, I wasn’t coming on to you or anything.”

He visibly relaxed though compassion and concern soon washed over his expression. “I came here today,” he said, “because I needed a friend to talk to, but obviously I’m not the only one with that particular need.” He ushered her over to the sofa. “What’s going on? Is there something I can do to help?”

Lucy shook her head. “I was online.” Tears pooled in her eyes as they had done throughout the morning. “I was reading the local news and-” she sniffled, well on her way to being the bawling mess she had been shortly before he’d arrived on her doorstep, “I found out-” she choked on the words, “I found out she – she died.”

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