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Episode 831: Relax

Outside the clinic, waiting on the sidewalk for the adults, Jesse dropped a few coins in a vending machine, winning one of those super bouncy balls that always entertained his brother, even now that Nate was a little older.

But it didn’t entertain him today.

Today, Nate said he wasn’t in the mood to play. He took a slumped seat on the curb, resting his chin on his hands.

Jesse bounced the ball a few times trying to entice his kid brother into having fun instead of dwelling on medical stuff. Nate clearly wasn’t having any of it though, so Jesse sat beside him on the curb and pressed the ball into his brother’s hand, hoping he’d come around soon.

“I’m sorry I worried you like that,” Jesse said to Nate. “But look at me now, I’m okay, right?”

“Are you?” Nate asked at the same time as Caroline did, as she walked over to them.

Rather than answer his brother or his ex, Jesse shot to his feet and in a very accusatory tone, he was like, “what are you doing here?” to Caroline.

“All that matters is what you’re doing at a clinic. How are you?” Caroline asked.

“How did you even hear about this? No one at the wedding even knows you, except-” Jesse turned to Nate. “Did you call her?”

Nate shrank back. Caroline did not.

“Don’t blame him, he didn’t want to get involved, but I begged Nate to call me if something ever happened, so Jesse, if you need to rant over it, rant at me, not that I deserve to have you ranting at me, not that any of us deserve it when all we’re trying to do is care about you.”

“No, what all of you are doing, it’s called overreacting. I’m okay, there’s nothing wrong with me that a simple operation won’t fix, so you can both just lay off and relax already.”

“You’ve said that before, it wasn’t happening then, and it’s definitely not happening now you’ve just said you need surgery. Seriously, you think your brother and I can relax when we hear that you have to go under the knife?”

Episode 832: I Need You

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