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Episode 83: My Happiness

Lila snuck through the small opening in the elevator doors and carried Jesse over to her chair where she attempted to type with his head nestled soundly beside her neck. At least he was asleep, after that commotion in the day care center downstairs she was beginning to think she might lose her job, which surprisingly enough she actually enjoyed.

He twitched in his sleep and painfully kicked her lap just as Curran Gable emerged from the stairwell, neither a hair nor a breath out of place. "It looks like youíve got a young footballer there, maybe he can get me box seats when Iím old and no one cares anymore,"

Lila grinned at him. "Well not if he takes after me at all, my hands, my feet and my head, well, my gym teacher was sure they werenít connected at all

"You look quite well connected to me and apparently you do to someone else as well," he complimented her, pointing to a large white box at the edge of her desk. "So thatís your son, you look quite young to be a mother- oh Iím sorry Iíve stepped my foot in it again didnít I? I best be off to my wife before I get myself into any further troubles." He said and gave her an interesting wink as he barged through his wifeís normally ironclad domain.

The red head stared after him for a few moments and then glanced at the box. The delivery guy had said her name was on it but she was certain it was entirely a mix-up, unless it was some sort of scheme of Sebastianís whom she surprisingly had thought about very little lately. She opened the box awkwardly with the free hand that wasnít holding up Jesseís behind and inside were a half-dozen yellow roses mixed with babyís breath.

She read the card aloud, "Happiness, Bowie." Lila looked at it again like eight hundred thousand times before she gave up. "What an idiot! Heís still comparing me to Princess Ava, like I at all get what this means, its like poetry or something, the idiot. He couldnít just go ahead and say congratulations could he? Oh, Jess I didnít mean to wake you,"

Episode 84: Something Stupid

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