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Episode 828: Rich Kid Blues

I I didnt mean that, Sebastian tried to quickly backtrack from what hed just said to his future father-in-law. Im not I wouldnt be poison to your daughter. Im not a liar. I mean, yeah, I am a liar, but I lied to Ava with the best intentions. I just wanted to give her everything, for her not to be sad or have to worry or anything, I wanted her to have the best life and you know, sometimes that requires money. Taking money handed to me by my parents is how Ive solved problems my whole life, Im sorry, I didnt want to lie to her. Ive felt so guilty about it, I keep waiting for it to blow up in my face now I guess it has.

Avas father stood there silent, his arms crossed until finally he said, Id already decided not to tell Avalon, at least for now. I just wanted you to know that I will hold you accountable, you lie to her again and it will be the last time.

Sebastian quickly nodded his agreement. No more money from my parents and-

Cal held up a hand at that. If I could find a way to make things easy for my daughter financially I would. I want to take care of her the way I never got to when she was growing up, so I dont hate that her husband-to-be is on a similar wavelength. Id even be inclined to help.

Okay, Sebastian slowly answered, glad he was off the hook, but really reluctant to bring Avas dad into a lie, to have her end up feeling doubly betrayed. But that didnt have to happen, did it? He could be better with the money they did have, maybe hit up Justine for advice. He had lived on less before and Ava had admired him for it, hed readjust. It could work, he could get out of this and still have Ava love him without actually attempting to buy her affection since she wasnt that girl anyway.

One other thing before we grab those coffees, Cal said. The pick your poison thing, what was that about? If youre the liar, whos the junkie? Are you saying the fiance who cut and run is back?

I think so, maybe, yeah, I dont know. I thought maybe I saw him at the wedding but maybe I just thought that, maybe I thought I deserved that, it was probably just my mind playing tricks. It was a comforting notion, but one that didnt stay with Sebastian, not with the concern in Avas dads expression.

Episode 829: Don't Worry Be Happy

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