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Episode 829: Don't Worry Be Happy

Jesse charged out of the exam room seemingly eons after he’d gone in. Lila hurried to bridge the distance. She grabbed hold of her firstborn and pulled him into a tight hug even though he probably thought he was too old for that sort of thing, especially in public, whatever, she needed to hug him.

Maybe she hadn’t been the perfect mom, a little negligent with Jesse in the beginning due to her own young age, she hadn’t been all that maternal out of the gate but she’d improved over time and anyways she’d always loved her boys very much and she always would.

It had scared the hell out of her to see him collapse and then to learn this had been an ongoing problem for him, he’d been sick for some time and hadn’t said a word because he hadn’t wanted to pile more grief on top of all their other drama. Her drama. If she’d made better choices, everything might not have felt so fragile to him, like one more thing would cause their family to fall apart. If she’d made better choices maybe whatever was wrong with Jesse would have been taken care of long ago.

She held his precious face in her hands and in a wobbly voice she asked, “are you okay?” Okay or not, things were going to change, she was going to change, she’d pay more attention, she wouldn’t be so caught up in her own stuff, she’d be more observant of her boys, she’d been a better mom.

Jesse broke free from her embrace. “I’m fine, Mom. I’ve had this for awhile and I’ve been fine, I’ve lived with it. I’m good.” He turned to his little brother. “Hey, Nate, let’s go wait for everybody outside, we’ve been cooped up in here, inhaling this cleaning supply smell for way too long, plus we’ve been awake since forever, I need some fresh air to wake up.”

“So there’s nothing wrong?” Bowie asked as their oldest grabbed their youngest’s sleeve, tugging him towards the door.

Jesse frowned. He opened his mouth a couple times before he finally said, “I’m sorry Sebastian and Ava that your wedding was postponed over nothing, but it’s okay now, we can get back to it as soon as my mom and dad finish up here, everybody can have fun and be happy and not worry about me.” To his parents, he said, “she wants to talk to you guys in her office, but I mean, it’s not like she told the truth before, remember? So it’s, like, you shouldn’t even take her seriously, right? I’m fine no matter what she says, don’t worry.”

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