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Episode 822: End Of The Road

“This is insanity,” Katherine noted as she and her husband, Phillip, surveyed their surroundings.

“Why do all of our children feel the need to marry under such ragtag circumstances?” Phillip asked. “All the luxuries they were raised in and none of them know how to stage a proper wedding.”

“I don’t understand why everything had to be so last minute and at the crack of dawn.”

“And at a roadside turnoff.”

“Catered by the local doughnut shop.”

“Really,” Phillip said, “everywhere I look it’s just more embarrassing.”

Katherine nodded. “On the bright side the guest list is probably sparse enough that we won’t need to worry about too many of the right people seeing how wrong this is.”

Her husband agreed. Their son did not.

Sebastian had just finished a phone call with Lila, not only to make certain Ava was fairing okay, but also so Lila could micromanage from afar since he’d hijacked the wedding planning from her. The least he could do was listen and follow her instructions for what they needed and where to place it.

After tackling some of the tasks and assigning others, all in an effort to appease Lila and make it the best day possible for Avalon, he came upon his parents ragging on everything.

“You know,” he said, stepping right up to them, “you don’t have to stay and see how wrong this wedding is either. If you don’t like it, you can leave, you can go three for three on missing out on your kids’ weddings.”

His parents exchanged a look.

His mother rushed forward to fuss with Sebastian’s tie. “We’re just old fashioned traditionalists, that’s all,” she said. “I’m sure the ceremony will be lovely, you look so handsome, and of course, Avalon will be such a pretty bride.”

“We’d like to stay, son,” his dad said. “And I’d like to pay for your honeymoon, wherever you’d like to go, it’ll make up for how thrown together your nuptials are.”

That was another shot at the wedding, but Bas knew his dad hadn’t meant to be, he’d actually meant well.

“It can be our secret,” his dad said, “like before, Ava doesn’t need to know the money came courtesy of us, we’ll come up with a cover story.”

“Thanks dad, I know you really are trying to do a nice thing, but I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to start our marriage off on another lie.”

Avalon’s father, Cal, overheard this. He didn’t trust Phillip Marques and therefore, he didn’t trust his son Sebastian. And now, to discover on their wedding day that Sebastian had been lying to her about money? Lying about how beholden to his parents that he was. It went totally against the promise he’d made to Ava. Cal didn’t want to be the one to make her feel heartbroken, but she deserved to know what was going on behind her back, didn’t she?

Episode 823: The Impossible

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