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Episode 823: The Impossible

Phone in hand, Cal tried her phone again. Maybe her phone had died, or she’d shut it off to concentrate on her bridal preparations, whatever the reason she wasn’t picking up. He’d hoped to reach her before she’d arrived at the wedding, he’d wanted her to have some space and time to deal with the news. He considered going to her, by what if they missed each other and she ended up married without talking to him first?

His gaze searched the small gathering for Avalon’s friend Bowie, thinking he might get in touch with her through a call to Bowie’s wife – as he looked, that was when he found her. Sarette. With her son. Totally unexpected. He had considered calling her, suggesting she linger in the background of the festivities, but he’d realized the invitation had to come from Ava. So, was that what had happened? Had Ava taken his advice from months earlier and decided to include Sarette? Or had Sarette heard about it from some other source and included herself?

If she had attended of her own accord rather than Ava’s that would only compound the potential drama on the day. He started to approach Sarette intending to take her aside from her son and find out what had brought her there, but Sebastian reached her first, stepping in to welcome Sarette and her son, Paul.

“Thank you for coming,” Sebastian said, a genuine smile on his face as he shook their hands. Cal breathed slightly easier, certain Sebastian wouldn’t have greeted Sarette so warmly if she was there against Ava’s wishes.

That solved one of Cal’s problems, it further complicated the other.

“I didn’t realize my mom was so close to you guys,” Paul Jordan said to Sebastian, “until she woke me up way too early to come with her since my dad’s out of town on business.”

“Sorry about the hour, this was all spur of the moment,” Sebastian said, “and yeah about your mom, um, she used to come in to the grocery store where Ava worked. Your mom kind of talk me up to her when Ava wouldn’t give me the time of day, she sort of helped me win her over, so we thought it was right that she should be here.”

“I’m happy to be here,” Sarette said.

Cal scrubbed both hands through his hair. Sarette really did look happy. This was a big step for her and Ava to actually share a moment in Ava’s life. And Ava, she had to be happy right now, too, surely only a state of bliss would have prompted her to give her biological mother an inch. He didn’t know what to do. If he told her where Sebastian’s money came from, it just might shatter all that happiness.

Episode 824: Now Or Never

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