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Episode 82: Stop Falling

"Oh Fern, I know itís late, I promise youíll get an extra day off next week, no matter what, I promise," Avalon insisted as she flew into the house well after one a.m.

"Itís fine Ava, we were watching a late movie anyway, Fred Astaire," Fern replied agreeably as she picked up her powder blue coat and prepared to leave. "See you tomorrow Mary,"

"Goodbye Fernie, and thanks again for staying late," Mary called out from the bedroom. "Avalon, I need to speak with you right away,"

Avalon made another quick apology to Fern and headed off to her motherís room where she was hit immediately by her motherís harsh words. "You were out with Sebastian Marques werenít you? Donít you think Fern has a life young lady, do you think I enjoy feeling as though Iím burdening her, I certainly couldnít send her home-"

"I apologized to her mom, she said it was okay, and itís not like this has ever happened before," Ava insisted, pulling out her ponytail and redoing it with a braid down her back.

Mary pushed herself up in the covers until she was nearly seated. "Heís not the right kind of man for you Avalon and I donít think you should see him anymore."

"Thatís not really your choice to make, is it?" Ava asked, wincing, it was the first time sheíd ever come close to what youíd call sassing her mother. She walked away from the bed and edged to the door. "I get it you know, I see what youíre saying, I thought it too for a long time I thought well this one is exactly like my father, but you know I donít really know anything about him do I? Itís the same way you donít know a thing about Sebastian."

"Ava!" Her mother reacted sharply. "Ava, please, donít see that boy anymore, youíve got to trust me, I know what Iím talking about and heís going to hurt you, you just donít know."

Episode 83: My Happiness

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