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Episode 817: I'll Be There

“Thanks so much for doing this.” Adria gave her theater pal a big hug of gratitude after Mateo opened his costume warehouse and flicked on the lights.

Taking it all in, Adria gushed, “this place is more amazing every time I come here.”

“I try.” Mateo smiled. “And chica, really, stop with the thank you’s, I mean, yes dragging my backside out of bed in the middle of the night isn’t top of my list, but after the breakup I just had, a wedding might be just what I need to renew my faith in love. I am invited to this shindig, right?”

“Absolutely,” Avalon piped up. “This is just so, so nice of you. I didn’t know what I was going to do for a dress.”

“It’s my pleasure to help. Now lets find you something as pretty as you are.” Mateo led Avalon and Lila towards a large section of white dresses.

Adria, always game to pick through beautiful clothes, shopping one of her favorite hobbies, meant to follow and aid in the perfect selection, but she soon found her path diverting many times over, distracted by all the possibilities.

A black top hat that would be the perfect accessory for a magician’s assistant who decides to make the show her own.

A neon pink umbrella twirled by a sixties mod girl strolling along the streets of London.

A pirate costume, complete with a parrot on the shoulder, and in a twist, the parrot would be the captain of the ship, and she, the pirate, would be first mate.

Oh, she thought racing over to a-

Oh, she thought, stopping in her tracks. Stopping. She had to stop. She had the baby’s birth to prioritize, her baby would always come before her career, her baby wouldn’t be like her, waiting on holidays and birthdays and bedtime stories, waiting for her parents to show up. Her baby wouldn’t have to wait. She’d be there, even if it meant sacrificing something else she loved.

Episode 818: Sweet Little sister

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