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Episode 818: Sweet Little sister

“Hey sister.” Justine stepped up behind Adria, greeting her with a one-armed hug. “Sorry I’m a little late for this ridiculously early event, I just wasn’t sure if I was going to come help out or even come to the wedding. Quent convinced told me he’d handle the kids, that I should be here.” Her husband had pointed out how Justine complained about the fractures in her family, and being there for Bas might at least fix that a little.

“Yeah, Ryley and I hesitated for a minute, too, but then I realized with my theater connections I could probably make a difference between them pulling this off and it being a total disaster, but yeah, wow, it’s insane how thrown together this is, huh?”

“Yet so totally our brother.”

Adria nodded. “He has been crazy in love with her for the longest time, that went a long way to getting my backside out of bed for him, too. He really, really wants this.”

“He does, that was a big factor for me, too. I guess we’re proof that occasionally our family can actually step it up.”

“Hopefully the guys are doing as well with their half of the to-do list as we’re fairing so far. Ryley was meeting up with Bas and his friend Bowie since dress shopping and beautifying the bride isn’t really his thing,” Adria said.

Justine nodded, feeling awkward, not liking this small talk with her sister, wishing they were better than that, the only way they would be though was if they talked more. “Dress shopping and beautifying is one of your things, so how come you’re wandering around over here when the wedding dresses are over there?” Was her sister not into fashion anymore? Was one of the few things she thought she knew for sure about Adria no longer relevant? Had they grown that far apart? Not that they’d ever been all that close, which was more than a little sad.

“The costumes were kind of calling to me,” Adria admitted. “I can’t seem to get the actress out of my system even when I haven’t worked lately and won’t anytime soon.”

Yet Adria was eying those costumes with serious longing. So Ryley had been right. A few weeks ago Quent had approached Justine on Ryley’s behalf, hoping Justine would talk to her. Quent had been hesitant to even bring the possibility to Justine fearing that sharing her experiences with someone other than him or a therapist may trigger her when things had been going so well. Justine had the same fear, never mind that she’d struggled for so long and she still struggled, so she wasn’t sure what help she’d be to anyone. And, well, most shamefully, her sister was an actress, so Justine hadn’t taken her seriously, she’d written off whatever Adria’s issues may be as melodrama.

Now, Justine realized, basically, I’ve been afraid, and selfish, and unfair, when my sister needed the exact opposite from me.

Episode 819: Begin Again

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