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Episode 807: Unwritten

Ryley hurried to the door to help out when he saw his wife enter their home, her arms loaded down with shopping bags.

“Did you leave anything for the other customers?” Ryley teased her and pressed a kiss to the corner of her lips as he took the bags from her.

After she hung up her jacket, Addie turned to him and with a grin, said, “every so often I have to indulge my trust fund side, it's healthy.”

“Well, these bags will definitely help if you were looking to build your biceps.”

“I know, it was kind of a killer bringing them home, but I'd feel guilty buying ebooks instead of supporting Bas and Ava's store.”

“These are all books?” Ryley asked, setting the bags next to the sofa. “Do you mind if I look through them?”

“I hoped you would,” Addie enthused, coming around the other side of the sofa to take a seat, curling one leg beneath her.

Ryley sifted through the bags, eager and curious, assuming the research was for the play she'd been so excited about at the start of the year. He always wanted to know what she was thinking, so it had been driving him kind of crazy lately that she hadn't given any hints about the subject matter for her play. Looking through the books, he pretty quickly figured out the basis of her idea.

“You're really taking the write what you know thing to heart,” he said. “This is so smart, Ad, you're always saying your favorite part of any role is the emotional intimacy, and it doesn't get much more intimate than you going through pregnancy and childbirth along with the character you're writing.”

“Oh, um, no, these books aren't research for a play. I know nothing about babies and kids. I'm thinking I should probably have it sorted before our child is in my arms.”

“Right, yeah, I guess I should probably read them, too, I will. But, what about your play?” Worry tied a knot in his stomach. “Why didn't you pick up any books for that? You were so excited but you haven't worked on it all yet, have you?” Unless she'd done so while he was at work, though surely she would have told him, it wouldn't be a secret, she liked to talk about the stuff she was passionate about. Unless she'd chosen to talk it over with someone who understood her work on a deeper level than he did, someone who happened to be the last manipulative bastard that he wanted anywhere near his wife.

“No, I haven't worked on it yet.” She appeared regretful about that. “My plans have gone in a totally different direction. I need to give that my all, so I'm shelving the play for awhile.”

Though relieved she hadn't been consulting with Dustin, Ryley still felt uneasy, giving up her work for the baby, that was the answer for some women, he just wasn't so sure that was the answer for Adria.

Episode 808: Relax

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