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Episode 808: Relax

Jesse woke from a nap he hadn't intended on taking. He glanced at the clock, relieved that he still had a little time before his parents were usually home so they wouldn't know he'd been sleeping and wonder why.

Figuring maybe a banana or something might perk up his energy and have him looking alive by the time his his mom and dad saw him, he headed for the kitchen and that was when he spotted his little brother Nate seated on the floor, his back against the sofa, his shoulders worryingly slumped as he stared at their family laptop and an open photo album.

Once Jesse came near enough, he saw every snapshot was either of Nate or their dad.

“What are you doing?” Jesse demanded as he stormed over to Nate and slammed shut the laptop along with the photo album.

“What are you doing?” Nate asked, his face twisted up in confusion. “I'm just looking at pictures, why are you flipping out?”

“I just-” Jesse knew he shouldn't have flipped out like that. Maybe Nate wasn't even comparing his face to their dad. Maybe he'd just thrown up a red flag over nothing. Maybe Nate didn't suspect anything. But maybe now he would if Jesse didn't hurry up and fix it. He needed a cover story, quick. He took a seat beside Nate and swiped his sweaty palms on his jeans. “I thought you were looking kind of down. I thought maybe whatever you were looking at upset you, I didn't realize it was pictures of you and dad. I just wanted to help. Sorry I kind of snapped at you.”

“More than snapped, but it's okay,” Nate said.

“So,” Jesse said, trying to sound casual. “Why look at pictures of you and dad?”

“I thought they might cheer me up. You remember at my last mathletes competition, there was that girl from the losing team, she came up to me and whispered something. You teased me that she had a crush on me. She doesn't. You know what she whispered? She said that she can get smarter but I can't get less ugly.”

“You're not ugly, Nate.” Jesse squeezed his little brother's shoulders. “She's just a sore loser. Don't think about it.”

“But I do think about it. I thought about how mom says how handsome dad is, and I started wondering since he's my dad, if maybe I'd grow up to look like him, so I got out these pictures so I could compare how much I look like him.”

“That's… Actually, you know what, that's actually a good idea, let me help.” Jesse poured over the photos and he proceeded to point out every feature that their dad and Nate shared. He did such a convincing sell job, that for the moment, he almost relaxed, he almost forgot that there was anything to worry about.

Episode 809: One Way Or Another

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