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Episode 806: Good Thing?

“It's right this way,” Ava said, leading Adria to a far corner of the bookstore. She plucked a couple titles from the shelf and handed them to Adria. “Sorry I don't have firsthand knowledge of these, but they're the two I've had to re-order the most, so they're fairly popular.”

Avalon reached for a trade paperback and passed that to Adria as well. “A customer just last week told me how glad she was that she'd bought this one here last year, she said it was a huge help to her. So, I guess, flip through these, see if they're what you have in mind, and if not, there's tons of other options, take all the time you need. And if you want help combing through everything, I'm here, it's not like I have a ton of other customers to deal with.”

“Don't worry about the customers, Ava, I'm intent on buying a large stack so that should make up for it being a slightly slow day here,” Adria said. “I want to have all my bases covered, know everything I can about having babies, so yeah, it would be awesome if you'd help me curate a solid collection on the subject, I just think if I feel prepared then it won't feel so overwhelming, you know?”

“Sounds a lot like my hopes for how the wedding planning will go.”

“The big day's coming up soon, huh?”

Adria's soon-to-be sister-in-law significantly paled. “Not that soon.”

Adria touched Ava's suddenly shaky fingers. “You know, I think if we break stuff down step-by-step, like how I'm intending to do with the books, and how you're gradually putting together your wedding plans, then I figure we'll be focused on one smaller thing at a time rather than the big picture. Otherwise it's just too huge to think about, right? I mean, the day I have this baby, and the day you get married, those are massive changes, our lives will never be the same.”

Neither woman looked as though she could decide whether those massive changes were something to look forward to, or something to fear.

Episode 807: Unwritten

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