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Episode 801: Wildest Dreams

Ryley didn't want to be a jerk about it, but he kind of had to be. He knocked on the bathroom door for the third time in ten minutes.

“Ad, we needed to leave for the flight home about five minutes ago.”

“I know, I swear I'll just be a second more.”

“You don't need makeup or fancy hair, just so you know.”


“I aim to be.” That had been his basic thought process behind the trip, just to do something sweet for her. They’d had a good year, they were more like a partnership than they'd probably been. So, along with a few other gifts for Christmas, he'd also given her plane tickets to London. They'd left two days later, and had attended a different production nearly every night since, Shakespeare, musicals, they'd sampled everything.

Ryley swiped through the photos on his phone, grinning at the memories made, and how bright-eyed and happy his wife appeared in every shot.

She'd told him last night that the trip had been the best surprise. She'd never felt more inspired about her career, she was considering maybe writing and directing herself.

She'd said her renewed excitement was all thanks to him, which felt pretty great, as did the idea of Adria being her own director, it meant no worries of another Dustin situation.

London had been the perfect trip to ring in the New Year and to celebrate the anniversary of the night they'd met. But they did need to get back home, he had a job, and she had jobs to create for herself.

Ryley was about to knock again when the bathroom door opened.

“Obviously I wasn't overdoing the make-up or the hair,” she said, gesturing to her bare face and unfussy hairstyle. “I was busy taking this test.”

From behind her back, Adria pulled out a small plastic strip thing that Ryley quickly realized was a pregnancy test – a positive pregnancy test.

Episode 802: Think On It

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