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Episode 802: Think On It

Avalon stood in the foyer waiting for her father to finish up his business call. Her gaze traveled across the polished floor to the paintings on the wall, the wealth of it all.

All that time she and her mom had struggled financially, especially when her mother had fallen ill, her father might have been there to help not only with his money, but with the kind of emotional support he offered her all the time now.

She'd loved her mom, Mary Lubin, with all her heart, she still did, she wouldn't have traded their years together for anything, but to have had a father, too…

It was moments like this, thoughts like that, that she had trouble shaking, that added to the resentment she felt towards her birth mother, they added to the hate, and Ava didn't want to waste her energy on that, so the instant her father reappeared she forced a smile, she forced her mind to focus on the moment, on having lunch with her dad rather than dwelling on all the lunches they hadn't shared.

She might have managed to enjoy their lunch had her dad not mentioned the wedding date almost the minute they sat down to eat – the one topic almost as uncomfortable as talking about her birth mom.

“I received the revised invitation last week,” her dad said between spoonfuls of vegetable soup.

“That's the firm date,” Ava was quick to reply, feeling more than a little defensive. “We're running a small business and putting together a wedding, it's a lot, we've had a lot going on, that's why the date's moved a few times, but it's set now, definitely firm.”

“It doesn't have to be that firm, you can change your mind anytime.”

“I won't.” Her father telling her she could, that was like placing chocolate cake in front of a dieter, it was best to refuse immediately and outright.

“Okay, no pressure either way,” her father said, returning to his soup. A moment later, however, he set down his spoon and took a noticeably deep breath. “I have a suggestion. It's only a suggestion and I'm afraid you'll shoot the messenger, but it's something I feel like I need to say. Now, I know you and I, we've both missed out on a lot because Sarette made a decision for all of us, but she didn't do that out of spite, Ava, she was a scared young girl, and she's missed out on just as much as we have, more even, she doesn't get to be here, right now, or any other time. I know she's brought that on herself, she continues to make choices for appearances sake that I have a really hard time with, and I don't expect you to forgive that, but maybe if you sent her an invitation, that might set in motion a change, or maybe not, maybe she won't even come, but at least you won't have to regret that you didn't invite your mother to your wedding. Just think about it, you don't have to do it, but do yourself a favor and give it some thought.”

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