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Episode 783: Good Feeling

Vacation was over and it hadn't even been a good vacation, Tansy thought as she sat on the edge of her bed with zero desire to stand up and grab her new book bag. It was early, she still had lots of time before school, just not enough time, not enough days or months or years before she had to return to class.

Maybe it would have been easier if she had time by herself leading up to it, but instead they'd only just the day before come home from that beach trip where she'd had everybody else's friendships thrown in her face, and, on top of that, she'd thrown away her only friend.

He's probably never want to talk to her again after she'd been so rude and babyish.

With a sigh, and another fifteen or so minutes of just staring at the wall dreading the school day, dreading the entire school year, Tansy knew she had to get up and at least make it look like she had an appetite for breakfast.

Her parents had to know she wasn't looking forward to this day, but she didn't want them thinking it was such a big deal, such a big burden that she couldn't even eat, if they knew it was that bad they'd ask even more questions than they already did, questions Tansy didn't want to answer, and some she wasn't sure of the answer to.

Plus, her mom might get all frazzled and Tansy didn't want to be the cause of that, so she grabbed her book bag and dragged it along the floor behind her as she trudged into the kitchen.

She went straight to the refrigerator for milk to pour into the cereal bowl that either her mom or dad would have left out for her since she didn't smell pancakes or eggs or anything like that. She vaguely heard voices at the table behind her say good morning, but she only grumbled in return, too busy thinking about how horrible the day would be to notice anything else like the fact that they had company that morning.

“Not the morning person you used to be, huh, Tans?”

She turned around not believing her own ears until she saw him seated at the table with her mom, dad, and little brother. “You're here.”

“Your mom and dad said it would be okay if you and I grabbed some donuts before school. We all agree that there are some days, even for adults, that are so tough to start that only chocolate frosting can help. So, you want to help me start my day better?”

“You mean you're not mad at me?” Tansy's mom had sworn to her that happy tears were an actual thing, but it was only in that moment, with her own happy tears that Tansy believed her.

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