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Episode 784: That light In Your Eyes

“Everything okay?” Xavier asked in an effort to break the silence. Tansy used to be counted upon to chat his ears off but that was not so much case anymore. He hoped that would change soon. He missed the kid, the way her eyes to light up over practically everything. “How's the milk and food? How are you?” he asked.

Tansy took a few more bites of her chocolate covered pastry, chased it with some milk, and finally, after wiping the corners of her mouth, she said, “I'm really, really sorry, for how I was on the phone, hanging up on you and everything. It was mean. Are you sure you forgive me?”

“You were upset. I understand that. I'm not always at my nicest either, I wasn't when we met, remember? I tried to not let you and your parents be my friends at first. Everyone has grumpy days, it's human.”

“It doesn't seem very human when people are mean all the time.”

It wasn't much of an opening, nothing specific, still, it was better than her silence. “You know,” he said, “it might be different today.” Xavier sure hoped so, though he doubted it, once labeled it had a way of sticking with you, especially at school. He had a strong suspicion of what Tansy's label was, one many kids, and he even adults didn't always treat with respect or maturity. He figured he should put a positive spin on things for her though, that's what this breakfast was meant to be about, starting her off on the right foot even if the rest of the day went downhill.

“It's a new school year,” he continued, “you never know, there might be someone new, and friendlier.”

“That's what I thought last year but it didn't really work out.”

“Well, there's always the chance one or two of them will grow up. Or you know, take a walk off a short pier.” It was probably not the grown up response to give, but it got a little giggle out of Tansy so Xavier decided it wasn't too terrible. Someone else liked her laughter, too.

“That laugh is music to my ears,” Tansy's school counselor said, approaching their table at the coffee shop. “What a nice surprise to actually hear you laughing. It makes it an even nicer surprise that I bumped into you here today.”

Not everyone found it so nice however, Tansy frowned at the counselor, and she outright glared at Xavier, an intense look of betrayal gleaming in her sad little eyes.

Episode 785: Something In Common

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