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Episode 78: The Waiting

"Bassie stay out there and keep Quent company," Justine ordered and yanked on Avaís sleeve to pull the girl into the bathroom with her.

"Quent isnít even here," Bas said, appearing confused as a cell phone was jabbed in his stomach and the door slammed in his face.

"Whew, that whole time people were calling me the Tori Spelling of the corporate world, this kind of morning just never popped into my mind, you know," Justine was visibly jittery as she checked her stopwatch. "I also bought one of those tests that take ten seconds but I donít know it seems like five minutes should be more accurate, well, maybe not but- oh, Iím making you late for work or school or something arenít I?"

Avalon glanced around her she was not used to hanging out in bathrooms with virtual strangers. "I have time," she said shifting from one foot to the other. "Wouldnít you be more comfortable with one of your girlfriends here?"

Justine frowned slightly, it was blink and youíll miss it before a placid smile took its place. "I havenít exactly been flush with friends since I married Quentin; friends and my parents they all went out with the bathwater. Sometimes I think the money is the least of what I left behind; I guess at least when you marry one of us you know youíre truly loved, I mean if Bassieís willing to throw away his whole world to be with you-"

Sheís talking like heís the crown prince or something, Ava thought to herself and it sent a shiver of deja vu through her. "We havenít even really been on a date; weíre just friends."

Justine shrugged. "I must be pregnant, normally Iím a perfect Marques, I keep everything in just like Mommy and Daddy taught us- oh, itís time." Ava heard a sniffle and saw the glossy look in Justine Marques-Vincenteís eyes when she turned to her. "Looks like I have another bikini season to look forward to."

Episode 79: Time After Time

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