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Episode 79: Time After Time

"What is that supposed to mean?" Lila whispered flinging her hands at the computer screen. She was trying to type up a report that Michael wanted ASAP, twice she deleted it when she was halfway through and now these messages kept popping up about a system error, whatever on earth that was. "Iím going to throw you if you donít start working you stupid thing," she said, hitting it upside the motherboard like it was a TV in the rabbit ears era.

"No, not computercide!" Said a man in a long black coat who appeared suddenly at her small desk. His voice was rocky with a slight hint of Ireland at the crevices. "Necessary evil these things, may I be of some help?" He asked and leaned across her not waiting for an answer.

Lila was intoxicated with the musky scent emanating from the back of his neck, with the flecks of gray cropping up at the side of his dark slicked back hair. This was a man. This was a hero in a long black coat; he solved her problem with the stroke of a finger.

"Thank you so much is there any way I could repay your kindness?" She asked her eyes lilting upwards as she flipped her iron flattened red hair like a girl who had seen Grease too often.

He leaned against the edge of her desk wearing an inscrutable mask. He raised his left hand, decorated with a white gold ring. "The wifeís in there," he pointed to Michaelís office.

It was at that moment that Lila felt like she was going to lose the yogurt that sheíd had for breakfast. A different place stemming from the same old rotten luck.

Episode 80: The Last To Know

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