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Episode 776: If You're Gone

Caroline insisted that Jesse at least tell his parents that he would be at Charlie's for the night, and while Jesse thought his mom deserved to worry, he agreed his dad shouldn't have that on top of everything else headed his way.

Jesse waited until he had himself as together as he could be under the circumstances. As he dialed home, he prayed his dad didn't know the truth yet, he wasn't yet ready to hear non-stop arguments, stony silences, or worse, hear that his dad was moving out.

Sure, it was inevitable, he'd have to tell his father eventually if his mom didn't confess, but it would be nice to at least have a night or so to come to grips with it.

His little brother answered the phone with, “where are you, Jess? You have to come home.” Then Nate hung up before Jesse could say or ask anything. Not that he really needed to, he was certain it meant their family had blown up.

As much as Jesse wasn't ready to face it, he couldn't let his little brother sit through all the screaming, or crying, or whatever, alone.

Jesse took a deep breath when he reached home, braced for the emotional mess he'd find on the other side of the door, but he only found Nate, and their dad's best friend, Ava, seated silently in the living room.

“Did mom and dad go somewhere?” Jesse asked, thinking it would at least be some relief if they ripped each other apart in private, away from him and especially Nate.

“Your dad was out looking for you and your mom, and Sebastian was doing the same, but since Nate spoke to you on the phone, they're focused on your mom,” Ava said. “Have you seen her since you left the garden party? She walked out on it, too. It didn't go so well for her today. We don't know if she left to look for you, or something else.”

“I haven't seen her.” Jesse doubted she'd look for him, that would be pretty selfless to abandon her party out of concern for someone, not exactly a cheater's style. If his mom looked for him, it was probably out of desperation to keep him quiet. Or, she wasn't looking for him, she wasn't thinking about her son at all, she was with the dude she cheated with, she liked him so much that she screwed up her job and their family, like this guy mattered more.

Well, whatever, at least maybe his dad would find her and catch her in the act, it'd be brutal on him, but Jesse preferred that to having to be the one who broke his dad's heart, he didn't want his dad thinking of that every time he looked at him.

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