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Episode 777: Black Widow

It late, and dark, a little bit spooky in the quiet of the park, when at last Ava located Lila. Ava immediately called both guys, telling them she'd bring Lila home, though really, from the deflated look of Lila in the lamplight, Ava wasn't certain she'd be willing to go anywhere.

“Reminiscing about your wedding?” Ava asked as she took a seat on the bench beside Lila, opposite the area where Lila and Bowie wed a few years earlier. “You were freaked out that day, remember? But it worked out pretty great, didn't it? So whatever is eating at you now, it's probably not going to end up as bad as you think.”

Lila made a scoffing noise at that, then, more seriously, asked, “Do you know if Jesse's home yet? I started out looking for him until I realized I was the last person he'd want to see, I figured I'd only chase him off further.”

“He's home and he's fine. Bowie's headed home, too, now that I called and told him I found you. How about we join them instead of sitting around here waiting to be mugged?”

“You go ahead,” Lila replied, “I can't. Jesse will tell Bowie and I'll have to explain why that conversation happened, why I was warned to keep quiet, and Bowie will think I've lied all along because that's what I used to do, and they'll all hate me. I'd rather they didn't hate me to my face, so, I'm just never going home again.”

This defeatist attitude wasn't the Lila she knew, Ava had long thought she'd prefer a less feisty Lila, but that was not the case. It was kind of upsetting to see, actually, and worrying when she considered Bowie and the boys.

“Well,” Ava said, “never going home again seems a reasonable solution. I mean, you won't miss your husband and kids, will you?”

“They're just going to kick me out anyway.”

“Why would you think that? What's going on?”

“I know things aren't as bad between you and I as I used to make them,”Lila said, “but you're still more Bowie's friend than mine, so you'll hate me, too, Ava, I know it. You'll blame me, you all will, but it's not my fault, not really, it's Katherine's fault.”

“Katherine?” Ava asked, suddenly even more concerned for Lila than she already had been. “You mean Katherine Marques? What's happened?” Fury steamed through Avalon. She and Lila were most definitely on the same side of the fight with whatever this turned out to be. “Is she threatening you somehow? What is with Sebastian's parents and their need to have power and control over everyone and everything?”

Episode 778: Riot Act

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