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Episode 767: Reckless

"Iíve made mistakes, too," Ava said.

"Not on the level that Sebastian and I have made them," Lila countered.

"Iím not perfect," Miss Pretty Close to Perfect claimed, though Lila stayed mum for the moment. Part of her ached to talk to Avalon, to confide in her like the girlfriend sheíd never had before. Avalon was smart, and yeah, borderline perfect, which maybe wasnít such a terrible trait, maybe sheíd know the right thing to do.

"I have a situation with my birth mom that you donít know a lot about," Ava went on, "but letís just say maybe I havenít been as forgiving as I could or should be towards her. And look at how Iíve given Bas the runaround about the wedding, that isnít fair to him. So, Iím not perfect, Lila, I have things Iím not proud of, too. Iím not that judgmental, and you are the one who suggested we talk to each other."

"I must have been really lonely that day and not thinking."

"Well," Ava said, "I have been thinking about it, and I think youíre right. I love Sebastian, but there are some things I need to process before I talk to him about them, like my first non-wedding, talking to him too much about that, it would be hurtful, but, at the same time, his perspective does help me quite often because heís different from me, heís more reckless and impulsive, he has a different take. Itís the same with you and Bowie, heís more cautious, like I am. Each of us having the otherís guy as a friend, itís basically a sounding board, weíre so similar to them, so yeah, sometimes itís great to have that friend who agrees with you, but other times you need a dissenting voice who will give you a kick in the pants."

"Iíve never been shy about giving you that."

"Exactly, and you know, the last little while, itís helped. Bowie would advise me to take this wedding stuff as slow as I need to, and thatís what I was telling myself, too, but youíve pushed me into it, and yeah, itís still slow going, but thereís finally some progress. I finally feel like I might someday take that step forward, and itís a relief. I donít know how long Iíd be waiting if it werenít for you nudging me to take a different tact. Maybe I can thank you in a similar way, if youíll let me try."

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