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Episode 768: New Attitude?

Paul knocked at the door for the longest time. Hed hoped progress had happened in Lucys office. Hed sensed a softening in her, like maybe shed started to believe, too, that together, they could really have this, they could have their daughter.

But she still wasnt answering his calls, or the door.

When the door did at last open, Paul took that as a positive, though Lucy didnt ask him to sit down, or offer him a cup of coffee. She didnt even say hello.

Paul waited on the welcome mat.

For a long while, they stood in silence, with Lucy fidgeting and avoiding his eyes.

"Lucy," Paul said. And that was it. They fell into another long spell of no one speaking.

Finally, Lucy really, really looked at him, and admitted, "I dont know what to do."

Paul pulled her in close, pleased she let him. He had to be careful though, and not push her. "Well figure it out together," he said into her hair. "We dont have to decide today." He burned to though; he longed for the proceedings to finally be in motion, to be one step closer to correcting his mistake.

"I dont want to blow up her life," Lucy said.

Paul didnt see how to avoid that, so he didnt acknowledge it. "Lets just meet with an attorney first, see what our options are. We wont do anything until were fully informed. Well just see. Okay?"

Lucy stepped away from him, for a moment hed thought hed said something wrong, hed thought hed lost her, but then, after a moment, she said, "okay."

Another few seconds later, she followed up with, "Im not guaranteeing Ill fight for custody. I want to do right by her. I just want things to be right for her."

"Good, thats all I want, too."

Episode 769: We Can't Stop

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