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Episode 762: To Be Where You Are

"How has your day been?" Lucy asked, at a loss for what else to do other than to keep the conversation going, continue to ask questions and hope the girl accidentally revealed something in her response, something they might work on together to make life better for her.

"I-" Tansy began, only for a sharp knock at the door to interrupt her, quickly followed by the uninvited entrance of the schoolís vice-principal.

"Ms. Delta," Lucy said. "Tansy and I are in the middle of something, if you wouldnít mind coming back later."

"This really canít wait, itís about fundraising."

"I donít do the fundraising for the school, and Iím with a student right now." Not that she was really getting anywhere with Tansy, but possibly, any minute now, you never knew, she could always hope.

"Thereís a man here, and heís particularly interested in how we handle counseling. I assume he had troubled times himself in school, or perhaps, a sibling did, I donít really know, itís conjecture on my part. Anyway, this man wants to speak with you and I get the feeling that if heís impressed, the entire school stands to benefit. Heís from a wealthy family. Iím sure if he hears about those peer groups you want to start, theyíd become high priority once he makes a generous donation. Of course, that donation will only happen if you meet with him, otherwise heíll probably just throw his money at an elitist private school like everyone else does."

"Fine," Lucy said. "I have no problem with talking to this man if you think it would help the school and the students, but it has to wait until Tansy and I are through here."

Ms. Delta frowned. "Alright. Iíll see what I can do to delay him."

Ms. Delta did little to nothing, to delay the man. The vice-principal showed the alleged benefactor into Lucyís office, and, as if having her session with Tansy interrupted wasnít bad enough, the person interrupting them happened to be her ex, the man who had fathered the child sheíd given up for adoption. The child he wanted back.

Episode 763: Out Of The Woods?

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