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Episode 763: Out Of The Woods?

Paul hadnít known how else to reach Lucy. She wouldnít answer his calls or his texts; she wouldnít open the door when he knocked. Heíd even tried snail mail, and received no response.

Therefore, heíd entered her office, under not so honest circumstances, and the look on her face was about as welcoming as heíd expected.

Lucy stood beside her desk, her arms tightly folded. "Iím busy with a student at the moment as Iím sure you can plainly see, so-"

"I didnít know." Paul backed towards the door. "I wouldnít have interrupted if Iíd known." He hoped she believed him. If she thought he didnít take her work seriously, it would only make her less inclined to hear him out and possibly join him in this fight.

"Ms. Delta said you were available to speak with me. I wouldnít have set foot in here otherwise. Iím sorry about this." He sent apologetic looks to Lucy and the girl.

"Weíre both sorry, of course." The vice-principal took a rather strong hold on his arm as if to stop him from leaving. "No one wants to interrupt anyone, naturally, itís just that Mr. Jordan is a very busy man, he doesnít have many openings in his schedule. His time is very valuable. Terry is a bright girl," the woman gestured to the kid, "Iím sure she understands."

"Her name is Tansy," Lucy corrected, as she moved to stand beside the seated girl. "And Tansyís time is valuable, too, so, again, if you wouldnít mind waiting while we finish up, or, better still, perhaps you could meet with someone more familiar with our fundraising needs."

"Itís okay, Ms. Lucy. I donít mind." The girl rose from her chair. "I donít really have anything to say, anyways."

"Tansy," Lucy called after the child, but Tansy had already grabbed her backpack and hurried out the door as if she hadnít heard anything.

The vice-principal clapped her palms together with a wide grin on her face. "Now that everything has worked out, Iíll leave you two to your conversation. Lucy, make sure you fill Mr. Jordan in on all the strides youíre making with Tracy."

"Her name is Tansy," Lucy and Paul simultaneously corrected. Paul hoped the united moment might alleviate some of the tension between them. It did not.

Episode 764: All You Had To Do Was Stay

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