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Episode 76: I Got The Girl

"So think about joining our study group we meet Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s a really fun crowd Ava, and it helps to bounce ideas off one another,"

"I’m pretty busy,"’ Avalon said holding her notebook to her chest as she walked side by side through a narrow doorway with a classmate, a dread-lock sporting broad shouldered classmate. "Thanks though," she was about to turn the corner when she smashed into Sebastian and her books crashed to the floor.

Langston, the eager classmate, bent down to pick up Ava’s things and Bas spoke over his head in a not so muted whisper. "Who’s he supposed to be?"

Ava rolled her eyes as she watched Bas pull the books from Lang’s strong hands and then she did the same to him. "I simply don’t know, Langston could you give Sebastian your résumé?

He looked between them, confused. "Um, I’m on the debate team, I, uh-"

"That’s swell Lang, really swell, I know I’d be proud if I was your parents," Bas stated with no note of sincerity and latched onto Ava’s free hand in a way that would send a message.

"I’ll see you around Ava;" Langston gave a tentative little wave and was off.

"That was just a beautiful moment of maturity," the dark haired girl observed suppressing a giggle. "Shouldn’t you be in your Jerry Bruckheimer course right now?"

Bas grinned. "I would but the volleyball game in Top Gun, well, it made me weep so I had to cut class and come check on my little ugly duckling that I sent out into this cruel cruel world. I thought to myself, how is a plain girl like that going to make friends? I mean I can remember way back when you didn’t even like me and I am very likeable- by the way what’s the deal with that guy’s name Langston, sounds kind of high and mighty to me,"

She shook her head. "Gee, I wouldn’t know, Sebastian," she laughed, then silenced him with a kiss.

Episode 77: Whenever You Call

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