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Episode 77: Whenever You Call

"Will you still do my laundry?" Sebastian joked, sprawled on an armchair.

"That and Iíll have your steak and potatoes ready at five every single night," Lila laughed with him as she folded her wardrobe into a purple duffle bag. "Can you believe people actually liked to live that way, you know, men wearing undershirts, its like Bowie and Avaís idea of heaven or something,"

"Pretty lame, I guess," Bas replied, rising to carry Lilaís bag to the door and she followed him.

Sebastian glanced down at his feet. "You know I think Iím actually going to miss you, annoying as you happen to be," he smiled up at her and it near made her year. "You should go get the rug-rat while I put this stuff in my car."

Bas was leaning against the car when mother and son emerged from the gatehouse. "All set, you didnít leave any little toys lying around that Iíll break my neck on?"

Lila shook her head. "Bas do you think youíll come visit us once in a while, when you have the time I mean? I know youíre busy with school and maintaining the Princess-"

He grinned. "See now thatís why Iíll always consider you a friend, the way you just flip-flopped there from sappy sentiment to a dig at your arch enemy, that was genius my friend. I swear Lila, other than myself you are the most entertaining person Iíve ever met."

Episode 78: The Waiting

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