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Episode 755: Your Love Is A Lie

"I believe sheís getting ready for a date," Carolineís grandmother said when she answered the door. "And, I further believe her date is not with you."

"Yeah, I know, itís cool though, weíre friends now." Jesse was, in fact, not cool with that, but, since he lied about practically everything latelyÖ Jesse smiled as if he had no problem just being a friend.

"Would it be okay if I go up to her room?" He asked.

The grandmother pursed her lips. "I suppose that would be alright, as long as you knock, and keep the door open so I can hear if thereís any funny business going on."

"Yes, maíam. Thank you."

Jesse took the stairs two at a time, unsure how much time heíd have with Caroline before her boyfriend arrived. He knocked at her door.

"Itís okay, you can come in, Gram," Caroline called out.

"Itís not your Gram. Is that okay?"

After a moment, the door opened. Caroline immediately retreated to her mirror across the room to detangle her shower damp hair. She was still in a fluffy yellow bathrobe so he figured he had some time.

"Jesse, I have a date tonight."

"I know. I know. People donít need to keep telling me."

She turned from the mirror to face him. "Iím sorry if dating Charlie is upsetting for you, but you put me through a lot emotionally and I just canít-"

"Happy Valentineís Day, Caro." Jesse held out the small box carefully wrapped in pink tissue paper.


"Just open it, please."

"Fine," Caroline said, and inside the wrappings, she found a variety of purples, reds, and pinks woven into a bracelet.

"Itís a friendship bracelet," Jesse explained, as he took the initiative to slide it on to her wrist. "Every time you look at it, itís a reminder that weíre friends." Really, he just wanted her to think of him every time she looked at him, to miss him, the friend thing was a helpful disguise.

Caroline studied the bracelet for a moment before she said, "so, if weíre such great friends, maybe you can tell me why I got a call from your parents last night asking where you were. Why were you late getting home, Jesse? Why didnít you call? You always call if youíll be late. So, friend, where were you?" Her voice cracked. "Youíre sick again, arenít you?"

Episode 756: In The Name Of Love

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