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Episode 756: In The Name Of Love

Lucy stopped on the sidewalk and wound her hair up into a tidy bun, hoping it would make her a look a little more her age than she tended to. Dealing with kids, she considered her youthful appearance helpful, like maybe they’d relate to someone they believed to be more on their level, whereas their parents sometimes didn’t take her as seriously as she and their children needed.

If she knew ahead of time that she would meet with an adult, she took extra care to look like a prim and proper authority figure. Therefore, she double-checked herself from head to toe before she walked into the garage.

Lucy found her way to an office with Tansy’s father’s name on the door, and she knocked. She was quite nervous as she waited for a response. It wasn’t actually a school-sanctioned meeting. She’d thought perhaps a more honest and fruitful exchange would happen in an informal setting.

She’d considered a home visit, though she hadn’t really wanted Tansy to get wind of her speaking with her parents yet again and to feel as though she was somehow at fault or to blame or anything like that, nor had she wanted Tansy to feel as if school had invaded her personal space.

Lucy knocked on the door again, harder this time for fear she wouldn’t be heard over the variety of machinery in the garage. Her initial plan had been to drop in on the mom at her office, thinking it would be a quieter environment, more conducive to conversation, however, once she learned that Justine worked with Michael, for obvious reasons, that became a no go.

She desperately did not want to set foot there, and so, again, she knocked.

A throat cleared behind her.

Lucy took a deep breath and turned around, hoping to find Tansy’s father, Quentin, hoping to make a difference in her job, and be someone her daughter would be proud of, even if Hope never knew it.

Episode 757: Glad You Came

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