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Episode 75: True Colors

Lila studied herself in a compact deciding to add more Cherries in the Snow lipstick. Bas had been right, Phillip Marquesí name had gotten her in the door but it was totally up to her to stay there. Sheíd been working at the market for so long and never really thought that she could get a better paying job but Sebastian had this way of making you think anything was possible.

She heard faint voices outside of the office and hiked up her navy polka dot skirt so that the skin just above her knees would show. She liked the name on the desk, Michael Gable. That was a successful name it was nearly as magnetic as Sebastian Marques.

"Good afternoon, Lila isnít it?" A Latina made of seventy-percent legs walked in with the grace of a gazelle and the thunder of an elephant all encapsulated in a sedate beige Ralph Lauren pantsuit, perfectly tailored. "My feet are killing me but I just can never see myself in loafers," she said kicking off a pair of tall pumps and messaging her soles. "You clerk at a grocery store right?"

"Yes, um, I thought I was meeting with Mr. Gable," Lila interjected while awkwardly pulling her skirt down, she wasnít going to waste her energy on some woman who didnít matter.

"Mr. Gable is my husband and Iím afraid since he doesnít work here your little Cosmo outfit really isnít the best tactic you could have chosen." Michael replied sharply.

"My outfit would look great with your shoes." Lila blurted out apologetically.

Michael laughed, she liked this young woman, and she had guts, which to her was the most important quality she didnít go in for the sycophants. "Did you read that article on Patricia Fields last month, that woman is just a genius isnít she?

Episode 76: I Got The Girl

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