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Episode 748: Just The Two Of Us

"I thought the holidays were over," Riley said, nodding to the stack of pancakes on the table as he walked into the kitchen, his hair still damp from the shower.

Adria handed him a plate and they sat opposite one another. She said, "I was just kind of at loose ends this morning, so I figured Id attempt to cook something and be a good wifey."

"You dont have to cook for me." Riley leaned across the table and kissed the corner of her mouth. "Youre the best wifey." Sure, theyd had their share of rough patches, but he was feeling better about their relationship, theyd had a good Christmas and New Year.

They - just then mid-thoughts and eating, Riley, in his bliss of good cheer and warm syrup, noticed the best wife simply picked at her pancakes rather than enthusiastically shoveling them in as hed been doing. Her gaze was somewhere far off, too.

He reached out and stilled her hand. "Ad, is everything okay?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah, Im just having trouble adjusting to the end of the holidays, its a focus thing. It would help if I actually had something to focus on."

"Your agent hasnt sent you anything?" Riley had thought after her well-received version of Scrooge, shed opted to take a few days off before looking at scripts for her next job. It hadnt occurred to him that she might not have any scripts. He may not be anywhere near an artist himself, but hed loved an artist long enough to understood that she needed to perform, it was as much a part of her as breathing.

"I have some projects hes sent me, its just none are standing out yet."

"Oh, well, maybe I can help. Maybe tonight we could really look through your scripts together, we could talk them through, see if one or two of them isnt better than you think." His palms actually sweat as he suggested it. Their relationship was in a good place again, but he wanted them to be in an even better place, he didnt want her to look at him and just see a stiff in a suit, he wanted her to know she could talk to him about acting; she didnt need to look to someone else.

"Obviously, Im not an expert," he continued, "but I think I could be a good sounding board, if you want one."

"That would be really good, thanks, Id like that a lot."

Adria grinned as if hed thrown her a lifeline. Riley felt the same way. "Great," he said, "Im so glad. Its a date, tonight, then."

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