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Episode 749: Blood Line

Paul sighed as he stared at the computer screen. Over the past couple months heíd devoted every spare hour he found to researching custody for single fathers and over-turning adoptions. Heíd also compiled a list of possible attorneys; he just hadnít contacted any of them yet.

He even had an email carefully composed and set to go; it was just a matter of choosing to put his and his daughterís life into the right personís hands.

He fully intended to go through with this, at some point. He was still waiting on Lucy to talk to him, to hear him out, and hopefully sheíd decide to join him in the effort so he might feel more positive and brave about waging this battle.

Paul sighed again, a quivery sigh this time, exhausted, and okay, yeah, more than a little fearful of the journey ahead of him.

A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts, and more importantly, it interrupted him looking further into ways to reclaim his daughter.

"Go away," Paul growled at the precise moment his father stepped into the office.

"That," his father said, "is exactly why Iím here. Iíve heard youíve been snapping at everyone the last few days."

The last thing Paul needed was his father on his case. He wasnít ready to tell him what was going on and he didnít want his father to find out by checking on him.

"Some people around here havenít moved out of holiday gear yet," Paul said. "Iím just trying to light a fire under them." In truth, he was taking out his frustrations on his co-workers.

"Iím all for ensuring that everyone puts their nose to the grindstone," his father said. "But there are better ways to do that than by earning yourself a reputation as a tyrant."

"Itís worked for you," Paul argued. And tyrannical worked for Curran Gable. All Curranís threats and throwing his weight around had him right where he wanted to be - right where Paul wanted to be - Curran Gable had Hope.

Episode 750: You Are in Love

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