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Episode 747: Anything For Love

After a talk with her parents, Xavier knocked at Tansyís bedroom door and found her on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She barely lifted her head to glance at him as he walked into the room.

"So," Xavier said, "here I am to ring in the New Year with my adopted family, and my favorite family member has been nowhere to be found. Itís kind of a bummer. I was getting a little worried out there, kid; usually you canít wait to greet me."

"Sorry," Tansy sort of sighed as she slowly sat up. "Hi."

"Well, thatís better, but stillÖ Iíd think youíd be more chipper since winter break is on, but every time Iíve seen you over the holidays you look more and more glum."

"Every time you see me, Iím that many more days closer to school starting again."

Xavier sat on the edge of Tansyís bed and gave her fuzzy sock a squeeze. He hadnít intended to get this close to anyone again, but this kid had seriously wiggled her way into his heart, he cared about her more than he had the words to say.

"No one at school is beating you up or threatening to, are they?" He asked her.

"No. Itís just words."

"Words are still pretty rough to deal with," Xavier said, "especially all on your own. Youíre still not ready to tell me everything?"

Tansy shook her head.

"But, youíre not upset youíd do something scary, like hurt yourself?"



"I promise."

"Good. If you do start to feel that way you come to me, Iím a good listener, and I swear I will find a way to help you no matter what the problem is, Iíd even expose my old identity if it meant my celebrity would impress someone into actually doing something to fix your situation."

Tansy must have realized just how sincere he was since she threw her arms around him in a tight hug.

When the hug ended, Xavier stood, intending to leave her to her solitude as she seemed to want, but then he noticed an unopened Christmas gift on Tansyís desk. He feared it was something horrible from someone horrible and thatís why sheíd left it unopened. "Is that from someone whoís mean to you at school?"

"No, itís from my counselor. Itís a pity gift. She knows somethingís wrong so sheís trying to make friends with me."

"Take her up on it, Tansy. I like the idea of you having someone at school in your corner since your mom and dad and I canít be there." Xavier just hoped that between all the concerned adults in Tansyís life, they might help her safely navigate whatever was going on with her. Xavier knew very well how bad it could get when youíre just a kid and your life skids out of control.

Episode 748: Just The Two Of Us

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