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Episode 744: Blank Space

Lucy wandered through the crowded shopping mall, more aimless than most of her fellow shoppers. They seemed to move from store to store with purpose, the right thing in mind for the right person. And then there were the parents taking their kids to see Santa, sure some of the children were screaming their heads off while others were bouncing all over the place as if they lived on candy canes… still… it gave her a pang.

So she tried to quiet it by shopping, something she had no reason to do what with her lack of family and friends. But despite that, and despite her student loans, she did have full time employment now as a teacher and counselor, she figured she could afford to splurge a little, and she thought it might lift her spirits.

First, she bought some toys and a coat for the charity drive a short ways from her home. With that done, she selected some small soaps, ornaments, and chocolates for her co-workers, even though they had agreed on no gifts.

Lastly, Lucy purchased a collection of her favorite childhood books along with a fancy leather-bound journal, and several cute colorful pens. She also found some special wrapping paper and bows to do it up right for the girl.

It was a care package that one of her students very much needed. The girl hadn’t revealed much of anything since Lucy had seen her looking quite upset in the school hallways and suggested that they meet for a counseling session. It had since become a regular thing once a week, with nothing forthcoming from Tansy, but Lucy sensed something was going on with the girl.

She hoped a gift would at least bring Tansy a little cheer, and maybe, just, maybe, encourage her to open up.

However, as much as the thought of making a breakthrough in her job buoyed Lucy, there was still this empty space inside her. There was still someone else she longed to shop for, and see.

Episode 745: Joy To The World

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