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Episode 745: Joy To The World

"Itís not that bad here, just my family, cousins, aunts, and uncles," Talia shook her head as she spoke into the phone, realizing that list was way too long for Xavierís liking. Heíd specifically said he didnít want to be in some big noisy crowd, which was weird for a former rock star, but how he wanted it.

"Anyway," she went on, "if you check this message, I just wanted to say again, if you change your mind, you can stop by anytime. Itíd be nice." Certainly nicer than watching all the other couples kissing, and cuddling at her parentsí tree trimming party.

Not that she and Xavier ever kissed and cuddled, still, it would have been nice to have him there, she thought as she deposited her phone into her pocket and returned to hanging candy canes.

"Howís school?" Taliaís father asked Tansy as he squeezed in between the two of them to hang a snowy owl ornament on the tree.

Talia saw her niece tense at the question. "Dad," Talia said, "stop being such a fuddy duddy, the last thing kids want to talk about is school on a day off."

"Fine, fine, youíre off the hook, Tansy. Contrary to your Auntís fuddy duddy remark, I do remember what itís like to be a student.

Tansy smiled at her grandpa, and nodded a thank you to Talia. Talia smiled. She hadnít received many thank youís from that kid over the years, of course, she hadnít really deserved many. And she wouldnít have earned that one either had she not considered how Xavier would have wanted her to step in for the girl. Maybe they werenít a perfect couple yet, but he made her a kinder person.

"Since Iím forbidden from school talk," Taliaís father said, "how are thing with you, Tal? Maybe itís the fuddy duddy in me, but a decent boyfriend would show his face at a family function. I suppose thatís an old fashioned notion though."

"Yes, it is," Talia insisted. "Everyone leads busy lives, you canít always be where you want to be." Like somewhere her father wouldnít ask any more questions about her less than traditional relationship. "Just ask Justine how hectic life is. Sheís juggling two kids and a career. This is probably the most time sheís spent with Hero in days."

Okay, so maybe Xavier hadnít worked that big of a miracle on her kindness yet since sheíd just gone ahead and thrown Justine under the bus like that, but better Justine than her.

Episode 746: Home For The Holidays

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