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Episode 74: Living In Sin

"I could see these lights from way down the road Lila;" Bas walked blindly over to the near closet to hang up his leather coat. "If you want to read or something go into my bedroom, all hell will-"

"Will what, son?" Phillip and Lila were seated on the sofa together, she was at that point oscillating somewhere between giggling uncontrollably and sobbing her eyes out.

"Father, I didnít see you there," Sebastian said calmly strolling over to give the older manís hand a firm shake. "Actually, I guess its long time no see, unless you were hiding behind Miaís wall of candied yams."

Phillipís eyebrows twitched. "Iím sorry about that, perhaps I would have met your lovely boarder all the sooner, exactly how long have I been paying for her upkeep?"

"Oh, yeah, hey, I guess introductions have been made, right," Bas gestured back and forth between the two of them and Lila watched them both in apprehensive wonder.

"Yes, well, it was lovely to meet you Lila;" Phillip stood, smoothing the creases of his trousers. "I just thought Iíd check in and make sure my son was on course."

"Straightening up and flying right, as the song says." Bas smiled, showing Phillip to the door.

"Wow thatís amazing how you played him like a violin, I guess this is still my home away from home," Lila exulted, and furrowing into Sebastianís side as he slipped down next to her.

"My father does not yell Lila, yelling lacks discipline, he gets quiet and he gets polite. When my sister announced she was marrying her mechanic, my father was only audible by dogs," Sebastian explained. "Thereís a newspaper on the table youíd better start circling."

Episode 75: True Colors

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