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Episode 739: Since You Been Gone

Riley pressed his lips to the side of her hair and left Adria to finish applying her makeup, which she did in painstaking fashion even though hed said she looked ready to him, she looked beautiful to him. She could tell hed really meant it, too, it had her feeling sparkly and confident inside, still, she took the extra time with her appearance. It was a special night.

Riley had warmed up to her over the past couple months, not as intensely warm towards her as hed once been, but their relationship was finally headed in the right direction, hed been the one to suggest they celebrate the role shed just landed. This was their first real date of the entire year, the first time it would be about them and not a business or family function.

Adria was so happy, and nervous, and desperate for it to go perfectly and so when her cell buzzed on the edge of her bureau, she immediately had an uneasy feeling. Adria checked the number and sure enough, it was him. She hadnt heard from Dustin since the garden party. "I told you not to call me anymore, I-"

"I know," Dustin sighed, "but I found this amazing play, its-"

"Im not working with you, I wont-"

"Yeah, you wont act for me, which is, by the way, such a waste, but we can talk over the material like last-"

"That was a one time thing. I just landed my own role; I dont have time for anything else." It had been rewarding and energizing to talk shop with Dustin over the phone for a few months earlier in the year, to help shape a production that had ended up winning him rave reviews, but it had also filled Adria with guilt. What if Riley found out, he might not understand, he might not think it was innocent. And maybe it wasnt as innocent as she believed. What about that? Maybe deep down she was on the verge of the most regrettable mistake of her life. "Never call me again. I mean it this time."

Episode 740: Am I Wrong

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