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Episode 740: Am I Wrong

"Maybe I should stay home," Justine said, unbuttoning her blazer.

Quent brushed aside her hands and set to work buttoning her back up. "Youíre going. Youíve been so excited about this womanís nail polish; youíve talked about it non-stop since Michael called. You have a mile long list of publicity ideas."

"That was before both my kids came down with colds on what was supposed to be my first day back after maternity leave."

"My momís here, sheís dealt with plenty of sniffles in her life, theyíll be okay, and next thing you know Hero will be well enough to go in to work with you as planned, meantime, you can and you should work on this campaign. You want this."

"Presumably, she also wanted another child," Quentinís mother chimed in from the other side of the kitchen.

Quentin frowned at her. "Mom, youíve tossed out snide comments like that ever since you showed up this morning. Thatís why you were our last resort for someone to look after the kids, I knew youíd revert to this attitude with Justine headed back to work. If you canít be respectful of her and what she needs to be happy then you wonít even be our last resort."

"I was only giving my opinion," his mother huffed as she collected Tansyís breakfast tray, and stormed off to Tansyís bedroom.

"Iím sorry about that," Quent said and kissed his wifeís temple. "Hopefully at some point my momís thinking will modernize a bit."

"Iím sorry that this has you at odds with her, I know how not great that feels. Maybe I should-"

"Youíre going back to work today, and I need to go in to work today, too. So weíll both come home on our lunch breaks if we can. Weíll both wrap things up early, if possible, and throughout the day, Iíll check in with my mom while you check in with Tansy. She hasnít lost that old phone we gave her for emergencies last month, has she?"

"She still has the phone; itís just not the same as a mom though, is it?"

Episode 741: Lift Me Up

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