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Episode 733: Let's Wait Awhile

"You want to help?" Ava asked him when he joined her in the kitchen. She gestured to the cheap refurbished grill on the countertop.

She would fix the salad while he grilled because they did stuff like that. Husband and wife stuff. Only they weren’t husband and wife. And they didn’t seem any closer to getting there than they had been a year ago. It was frustrating and nerve-wracking and he had to know what was happening.

Sebastian had opened the refrigerator to grab the meat for the grill, but changed his mind and slammed the door instead, and, in a fast, somewhat raised voice, he demanded, "are we getting married or not?"

The question scared him. His heart raced and it only became more panicked because apparently his fridge slamming and voice raising had startled Avalon in the midst of chopping vegetables for the salad and she cut her finger.

The sight of wet red blood, her blood in particular, left Bas a bit woozy, but Ava was much worse off, she went so damn pale so suddenly, and she just stood there, staring at the bloodied wound in shock or something.

Bas had no choice; he had to breathe deep and move past the gore, and take care of it as a husband would, even if he wasn’t actually her husband.

He cleaned the cut, he bandaged her finger, and by the time he finished with it, he was so relieved to have her in one piece with the color returning to her cheeks, that he put off pressing her on the marriage issue, he decided it could wait, he needed it to wait. He wasn’t ready to potentially have her call off their engagement, to have her call them off. He couldn’t deal with that. A cut on Ava’s finger had practically given him a heart attack, if he actually lost her from his life…

Episode 734: My Destiny

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