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Episode 734: My Destiny

"Is Ava here?" Lila didnít bother to drop a greeting on Bas, she figured theyíd been friends long enough to skip the formalities.

"Itís just me minding the store," Sebastian replied, leaning on the checkout counter at the bookstore and looking as though heíd been darn close to drifting off until she and Nate had walked in. Business wasnít exactly jumping. Bowie had been smarter than sheíd given him credit for - heíd bailed out at the right time.

"Avalonís having a late lunch with her dad today," Sebastian continued. The dad who apparently still wasnít Sebastianís biggest fan given the way Sebastian grimaced.

"Eventually heíll come around," Lila offered, "his daughter did, and speaking of your fiancťe, do you have a wedding planner yet?"


"Good," Lila went on, totally oblivious to her friendís grimace that time, too caught up in her own agenda. "So then you can hire me to plan your wedding and itíll further prove to your mother that Iím way more competent than she gives me credit for." Plus, sheíd always been ambitious when it came to guys; it was only recently that it had occurred to Lila to be ambitious for herself.

Sebastian scrubbed a hand over his face. "I donít even-"

"I know, Ava and I arenít besties, but weíre way better than we were before. Maybe Iím not the most obvious choice to plan her wedding, but she was a huge help with mine, anyways, sheís a forgiving person, sheís forgiven you and youíve been a thousand times worse to her than Iíve been, so maybe you could use your immense powers of persuasion with-"

"If my powers to persuade her were that immense weíd already-"

"Mom," Nate interrupted, tugging on her sleeve. "Could you buy me this? Please, please, please."

"Nate, Iím in the middle of a conversation." Which promptly slipped from her mind the moment she caught sight of the book in Nateís hand. She snatched it from him. "Why would you want this? Since when do you consider math problems fun?"

Nate shrugged. "I was in the library a lot this summer cuz Jesseís obsessed with Caroline who like never stops doing schoolwork, so I found these math books and itís kind of cool, like puzzles."

"So do an actual puzzle. Why be so suddenly into numbers? How did this happen? Iím not into math and neither is your dad."

"Lila, relax already. Nate," Sebastian said, "the book is yours, itís a treat for putting up with such a wackadoo for a mom." He smiled at her. "Seriously, Lila, whatís with you? Parents are supposed to be happy when they have a kid who likes math."

Lila frowned. It was a little hard to be happy when your kidís interests lean toward the financier guy rather than the guy you desperately hope is his dad.

Episode 735: Inside

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