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Episode Seventy-Three: We All Sleep Alone

Katherineís long legs slid under the royal blue silk sheets and she removed her glasses from the bedside case. She opened up the medical journal in her vain nightly hope of finding some way to help Mary Lubin. She feared all of her ideas were exhausted.

Phillip burst in causing Katherine to flinch at the suddenness. He was already in the process of yanking off his tie, he would never grow to love wearing one especially not on fifteen-hour days, but no one takes golf shirts serious except in the Masters.

"How was your day? Long as ever?" His wife asked half-heartedly, pulling in her knees.

"We took over a coffee chain, youíve probably never heard of it;" Phillip replied shortly, removed his shirt and went in the bathroom to brush his teeth and splash water on his face before re-emerging. He set the alarm on the clock radio for earlier than she had set it and crumpled into bed. "Have you spoken with Sebastian recently? I had hoped to catch up with him at Christmas but this deal was very tricky,"

Katherine closed the book and slowly folded up her glasses. "I think Adria and Bassie may have muttered something along the lines of Happy New Year the last time I saw them or they may have been telling me to go screw myself, itís a fine line these days,"

"Youíre exaggerating; they understand how important our work is, even at the holidays- should I turn off the light?" He asked yanking at the duvet.

"Yes, thank you," Katherine replied, lying down on her side staring at the wall. "Phillip," she started her voice partially muffled by a pillow and he didnít respond. "Donít worry about Sebastian, heís very good at looking out for number one, weíve taught him well."

74: Living In Sin

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