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Episode 721: I Need You

Ava pulled in a deep breath as Sebastian left her side in search of drinks. She hadnít been crazy about attending the garden party, but she didnít like the idea of Sebastianís total alienation from his family, even if she wasnít a big fan of his father. Sheíd decided to suck it up for Sebastianís sake.

And what thanks did she get for that? She had to brave her first encounter with his parents all on her own.

"Hi," she forced a smile.

"How are the wedding plans coming along?" Katherine asked. "You will let me know if I can do anything to help, wonít you? I promise I wonít let Lila anywhere near it."

Though Ava and Lila still occasionally had issues, Ava didnít like Katherine taking a swipe at her employee, especially when Ava had seen Lila only minutes before, scurrying around, hard at work.

Ava opened her mouth to defend Lila, when Phillip piped up with, "what weíd really like to know is when this wedding is finally going to happen."

"A firm date would be helpful," Katherine agreed. "Weíre all together right now, why donít we compare schedules and-"

"Itís hard to schedule anything just now since we promised to be available for Tansy and Hero duty if Quent and Justine need us. You know, family first."

At that, Sebastianís parents made quick exits from her vicinity. Ava felt horrible, knowing the affect her statement would have on them. Odds were they hadnít even known they had a new grandson. "I shouldnít have gone there to get them off my back," she muttered.

"No," a hand touched Avaís shoulder. It was Sarette Jordan, Avaís biological mother. "They were being pushy; sometimes you need to push back. I should have pushed back more in my life."

"Thereís still time," Avalon pointed out.

"There you are," Adria said, stepping up beside her brother. "Tell me one of these wedding dates you keep texting me about will stick soon." Attending a romantic ceremony might be just the thing her own marriage needed.

Sebastian didnít say anything, he stormed off. Adria frowned, first in her brotherís direction, and then in her husbandís, Riley couldnít seem to stand far enough across the lawn from her. She was lonely of late, to say the least, which maybe explained why she answered her cell, though she promised herself it was just to tell him off.

Before she could get a word out, right there in her ear, her former director said, "I need you."

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