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Episode 722: I Need A Hero

Katherine nodded. She had no idea what the party guest had just said to her. "If you’ll excuse me, there’s something I need to check on, a host’s job is never done."

Katherine’s head swum with thoughts of this Hero as she made her way into the house. It was entirely possible that Tansy had a new hamster named Hero. It was probably just something silly like that, which was why Ava had dropped it so casually into the conversation.

Or, it hadn’t occurred to Ava that grandparents would be unaware of their grandchild’s existence.

With a sigh, Katherine increased her pace, and headed upstairs. She nearly collided with her husband after he emerged from the other end of the hallway and they reached their bedroom door at the same time.

"Great minds," Phillip said, as they stepped inside.

"I don’t know about that," Katherine muttered.

Phillip was the first to locate his tablet - they’d insisted on no technology at the party, hence their need to find some private way to skirt their own rules. Katherine folded her arms and waited by the window, resting her temple against the wall, watching the party guests she should attend to below.

"Anything yet?" she asked some time after Phillip had settled on their bed with the tablet. "We’ve probably let our imagination work overtime. It’s a pet or-"

"Hero’s a boy. Their boy."

"Are there pictures?" Katherine stubbed her toe in her rush to the bed.

"No. Not yet. Maybe there won’t be. They’re not very big on social media it seems."

"Oh." Katherine just kind of collapsed onto the mattress in her disappointment and rested her head on her husband’s shoulder. It was one of those moments where neither of them was as certain as usual that they’d correctly handled the situation with their daughter, the estrangement felt more like their punishment for bad decisions than it did Justine’s.

Episode 723: What About Your Friends

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