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Episode 716: Your True Love

"Whatever he claimed this was for," Curran said, as he briefly collected Lucyís hand and waved the ring under her nose, "itís a lie."

"He doesnít know what heís talking about," Paul argued. "He doesnít know me, Lucy. And he definitely doesnít know us."

"Your boyfriend has been seeing Hope quite frequently, has he told you that?"

Lucy shook her head.

Curran suppressed a smile. It wasnít time to celebrate yet, but maybe soon.

Paul was being as underhanded as Curran had suspected. Surely, Lucy wouldnít take kindly to Paul sneaking visits behind her back. Surely, sheíd see which side to trust, and back. Curran had been concerned when heíd seen her walking towards him so mesmerized by that ring, but now he thought he and Michaelís odds of holding on to Hope were greatly improved.

Paul touched the ends of Lucyís hair. "I just didnít tell you that Iíve seen her a couple extra times because sometimes hearing about her makes you really emotional, it puts you in a bad place. I just didnít want to do that to you. I wasnít hiding anything."

"Sure," Curran scoffed, "itís not that he asked you to marry him because the court will look more favorably upon both biological parents attempting to gain custody of their child. Nope, that wasnít his plan, that ring, thatís solely about how much he loves you."

"Thatís exactly what it is, Lu," Paul insisted. "I was stupid to let you go the first time. I love you. I want to marry you. Itís not about custody of Hope. It isnít about anything but you."

Lucy shook her head at both of them, her expression one of shellshock. She charged past them and stepped inside, pulling the door firmly shut behind her without another word.

Episode 717: Doom And Gloom

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