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Episode 717: Doom And Gloom

Lucy shoved her hands into the kangeroo pocket of her pink hoodie as she strolled aimlessly along the sidewalk. Sheíd been walking a long time, and hadnít managed to clear her head, to figure out what exactly Paul wanted from her.


Before sheíd even lifted her head to see who it was, Michael Gableís arms had pulled her into a hug. Obviously, Curran had yet to let his wife in on his suspicions of Paul or Michael would have greeted her much differently, with a plea or a shout.

"Itís so good to see you," Michael said. "Itís lucky my client meeting was this way. Curran has Hope today."

Michael bit her lower lip. "I mean, if you were wondering, itís just, if I were you, I would be wondering. Honestly, sometimes itís hard to pry those two apart. I never thought heíd take to fatherhood so- Iím sorry; this stuff must be difficult for you to hear."

Lucy didnít answer. She didnít know how. It was good to know how very loved Hope was, but difficult because she wasnít the one there every day to love Hope in person, she was loving her from afar - very afar - and harder still, because maybe Paul was set to devastate these two people who adored their daughter.

Michael broke their silence. "Well, Iíll leave you to it; I can tell youíre deep in thought on somethingÖ"

"Itís nothing. Itís okay."

"Okay, well, good, if you want talk, just let me know. I really am glad we bumped into each other, and Iíd love to see you more often whether itís with Hope or not, as far as Iím concerned, you are family."

The squeeze Michael gave her shoulder almost brought Lucy to tears. Michael was being so kind, and meantime, Paul may be plotting to rip Michaelís life apart.

Episode 718: Just Give Me A Reason

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