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Episode 706: Ring Of Fire

"Maybe you’ve been married for too long? Or maybe it happened when you were too young?" Dustin asked.

Adria’s mouth fell open and then it fell even further when she heard her husband’s voice behind her.

"Answer him, Addie."

She turned to Ryley. "You know the answer, and why are you here? Don’t you trust me?"

Ryley couldn’t stand the hurt washing over his wife’s features. She looked like he’d slapped her or something. Well, he felt slapped, too. She hadn’t answered yet. Why hadn’t she answered yet? Why had she made the choices she’d made? "For a while there you were trying to end our marriage, Ad. You said it was about doing what’s best for me, but maybe deep down you wanted out. Maybe that’s why you chose to be here with him, now, too."

"You know this is about acting."

"Why did you hesitate then when he asked if you’d been married too long or too young?"

"I was stunned that he would ask something so personal, it’s none of his business, and he doesn’t know anything about us. But you do. You shouldn’t have to ask."

Ryley nodded. He agreed. He shouldn’t have to ask, and he wished he didn’t have to, but he owed it to both of them. "You were married young. You hadn’t even been with anyone-" Just as he began to reveal far too much, Ryley remembered their very interested third party. "Isn’t it pretty obvious that we’d like some privacy?"

Dustin shrugged. "I guess next time you won’t bring your marital problems into your wife’s workplace."

"You’re the one who brought our marriage into this conversation," Adria snapped.

Her director flinched, shook his head and left them, though as he did so, he said, "we still need to work on those scenes," so clearly he wasn’t that cowed.

A lengthy moment of silence passed between husband and wife, before Ryley continued from the miserable place where he’d left off. "You haven’t ever been with anyone else, Addie." His voice cracked. He rubbed his wet eyes. "It’s understandable if you’re curious."

Episode 707: Moment Of Weakness

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