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Episode 707: Moment Of Weakness

Having thought he’d taken care of the situation already, Curran tracked down Paul’s whereabouts with a fury, determined to put an end to it. He found the younger man in the lobby of Jordan Industries. As luck would have it, Paul was engaged in a conversation with his dad at that very moment.

Curran knew the instant Paul had spied his approach; he looked more like a kid than a man, as if he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, his eyes wide, sweat breaking out across his brow.

Curran smiled at Paul, just to make him squrim a little more as he informed Paul’s father that he was there to talk business with his son.

Rodney Jordan clapped Paul on the shoulder, clearly impressed by his son’s networking skills. And Paul clearly liked impressing his father, even if for fictitious reasons, so, the moment Curran and Paul were alone in Paul’s office, Curran pressed on Paul’s weak spot.

"Your father probably wouldn’t be too proud to find out about Hope, would he?" Curran asked. "You had a child out of wedlock. You’re sneaking around to see her, risking your family’s reputation. What will he think of all that?"

Curran grinned, watching the other man cringe in the corner of the room; sure, he had Paul right where he wanted him - out of his little girl’s life.

"How would your father react, Paul? How will he look at you? Will he look at you at all after you let him down like this, after you were too stupid to be careful with Lucy, after he finds out that you threw away his grandchild, that she’s being raised by someone else?"

Paul turned to Curran then, and Curran assumed Paul would concede defeat. Only Paul did the exact opposite. He made Curran squirm.

"Yeah," Paul said. "Someone else is raising my daughter. Maybe that needs to change."

Episode 708: Wasted On You

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